Jock Itch is an itching caused in the groin area. Jock itch is most commonly seen in adults and athletes.

Though it is seen in females too. When you sleep at night, the balls start to burn, which wakes you up and troubles you whole next day.

Jock Itch is also known as Tinea Cruris.

Generally, there is no medication required for Jock Itch and it gets fine on its own.

If it creates a smell or a severe pain, it is medicated with anti-fungal soap and jock itch cream.

To prevent Jock Itch to occur, the sole main point is to maintain a good skin hygiene. Keeping the area clean and dry and washing it regularly with an anti-fungal soap.

Jock itch is caused due to skin rubbing, wearing tight underpants, moisture, fungus and over bacterial growth.

You should consider wearing loose cotton boxers to prevent Jock Itch from occurring or prevent it from spreading to further areas.


What are the causes of Jock Itch and what are its prevention tips?


Jock Itch is mainly caused due to over bacterial growth which occurs mainly due to sweating, humid weather, not maintaining a clean hygiene and wearing tight-fitting clothes.

The bacteria grow on the top layer of the skin in the moist areas such as inner thighs, below the breasts and the groin area.

Jock Itch is commonly seen in athletes due to heavy sweating which gives rise to fungus and ultimately Jock Itch but anyone can suffer Jock Itch if clean hygiene is not being maintained.


How To Prevent Jock Itch: Prevention Tips 


The best way to prevent Jock Itch from occurring is to keep your moist areas like groin area, inner thighs, area below the breasts clean and dry and maintain a good hygiene.

Here are some Jock itch prevention tips that you should follow-

  • Take a shower after you exercise and dry it off well.
  • Wear washed clothes every day or after the exercise and don’t repeat them.
  • Wear slippers while you use public showers.
  • Don’t wear tight-fitting undergarments.
  • If you’re obese then there are high chances of red rashes and for that Jock Itch cream is preferable.


So… How To Cure My Jock Itch?


Jock Itch can be treated at home easily if it’s not so severe. If you’re looking for home remedies to treat Jock Itch, then visit the following page.

Jock Itch can also be treated using Antifungal Soap, cream, and powder.

Wash your red rash with antifungal soap for jock itch and apply an antifungal cream over the rash.

Using the antifungal cream, your rash should go away within 2-3 weeks but if still, it’s there, you should get a doctor prescription.

If you are having an Athlete’s foot, then check out the comparison charts of both Jock Itch and Athletes Foot medications.


Jock Itch Cures Product Reviews


Tinactin Jock Itch Spray Powder

tinactin jock itch spray powder review

Using Tinactin Jock Itch Spray powder consistently is an effective way of getting rid of Jock Itch fast.

Now, you might be thinking, is it a powder or a spray?

It is a powder that is spread by a spray because with it, it goes there where it’s needed. This makes the best use of powder and avoids wastage.

You should make sure to apply it in the cold temperature and give it 30s to dry before wearing your clothes.

The application of Tinactin Jock Itch spray powder is really very easy and it is recommended to apply it twice a day on the affected area.

It works like a charm for ring worm and Tinea Cruris sufferers. It has driven many positive reviews on Amazon.

The main component of Tinactin Spray Powder is Tolnaftate that helps to cure Jock Itch Fast.

You will start seeing the effect in 3-4 days in the itching but it is highly recommended to use it for atleast a week to get rid of Jock Itch completely.

Do consult a doctor if your Jock Itch is severe.


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Lotrmin AF Antifungal Jock Itch Cream

Lotrmin AF antifungal cream for Jock Itch Review

Lotrimin jock itch cream relieves itching and burning and is a quick cure for Jock Itch.

As you know Jock Itch is caused by over bacterial growth which leads to fungus, Lotrimin has an ingredient called ‘Clotrimazole’ which is the best to fight jock itch infections.

Do consult your doctor before using any of the medications and make sure to wear loose-fitting clothes to get rid of itching and rashes fast.

Never cover the affected areas with bandages or anything.


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Lamisil AT Jock Itch Spray Review

Lamsil Jock Itch spray review

Lamisil Jock Itch Spray gives you instant relief to your Tinea Cruris pain. It nearly cures all Jock Itch and relieves itching and burning.

Besides just curing Jock Itch ( Tinea Cruris), it also helps in getting rid of Athletes Foot ( Tinea Pedis ) and Ring-Worm (Tinea Corporis).

The application of the spray is very easy. You just need to wash the affected area with clean water and let the area dry for few seconds.

Spray keeping the 4 inches to 6 inches distance. Once sprayed, clean the excess liquid from the affected area.


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Purely Northwest Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Review

antifungal tea tree oil review

Jock Itch is caused by over-bacterial growth and requires antifungal medications to get rid of such infections.

Tea tree oil is an antifungal medication that helps you in beating those bacterias and get relief from itching and red rashes fast.

The benefit of using Tea Tree Oil is that its main component is natural Tea Tree Oil that helps you get rid of Jock Itch Infection naturally.

It works best with using an antifungal soap. Here is our handpicked collection of best Jock Itch Soaps that you can purchase.


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