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6 Best Boxer Briefs To Cure Your Jock Itch And Stay Fresh

In the past, I’ve discussed various methods of coping with Jock itch. But, there are times when it gets in somehow.

Under the list of precautions, I always mention wearing a regular cotton boxer brief to prevent Jock itch.

But the question is, not everyone knows which one is good and which ones aren’t.

In this post, I’ve listed down the points you should ponder while choosing a boxer brief, along with the best briefs.

The points would help you to narrow down and shop the best one for your itch.

You can also consider testing some ointments or antifungal soaps.

I always recommend bathing with anti-fungal soap and then keeping the moisture out with these briefs.


Here are some best practices you should be aware before you start wearing boxer briefs.

1. Don’t lock air in

The whole idea of these undergarments is ventilation. You don’t want to choke your groin area. Air should be able to pass in and out.

A good way to test whether or not your undergarment locks air is to blow air from one side of the cloth. If you can feel it on the other side; kudos!

Your undergarment should allow your groin area to breath. If you can’t feel the air on the opposite side, the fabric is certainly too thick.

This plays a crucial role in the selection of your boxer brief.

Jock itch bacteria breeds in folds, or moist spaces thereby, it is essential to wear breathable and loose clothing undergarments to keep your groin dry.

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Try to avoid clothing as much as possible

The best hack to avoid/cure your jock itch is to wear no clothing at all.

I am not asking you to get freaky and roam around streets naked, but think about it when you are home alone.

Lose your clothes and have some private time, you’ll love the sensation when your groin/private parts get touched by air.

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Thereby, in the night time, or whenever you are alone, wear loose boxers and let your groin area breathe.


Champion Men’s 3 Pack Performance Boxer Brief


These briefs are a great combination of price and quality. It gets even more affordable when you purchase them in a pack of three.

The fabric would keep your private area dry and cool, and its great style will help you stretch without any compromises.

Thereby, if you are looking for getting a budget brief without compromising on the quality, this is the product for you.



Hanes Comfortsoft Boxer Briefs


The Hanes briefs are manufactured out of 100% cotton. The fact that it is made from cotton that makes it more comfortable and soft on the skin.

Fruit of the Loom Men’s Soft Stretch Knit Boxer


If you are a value for money buyer, then bag a Fruit of Loom Men’s Boxer. They are super soft, light and made to keep your light & comfortable.

If you compare these with the other ones in this list, they might not come up as the best in tech, but it is truly a value for money product that will keep your fresh and comfortable all day long.


Adidas Men’s Sports Performance Climalite Boxer Brief

The fit of the Adidas boxers is hugging one, but due to its ultra soft and lightweight fabric, it adjusts without any problem.

The boxer briefs are made to keep your groin area clean and sweat free despite what you are doing – let it be traveling in a crowded bus/train or playing your favorite game.

These come with a 2-inch rim that will stick around your waist without slipping or cutting your skin.

The leg part is around 6 inches and made specially to stay fixed in a place. Sometimes, you won’t even feel like you are wearing these boxers.


Under Armour Men’s HeatGear® Performance Boxerjock® Boxer Briefs


This is where the whole game levels up. If you are using these Boxers, your Jock itch won’t be lasting long (or be able to spread).

They are manufactured using HeatGear Fabric (patent of Under Armours), which is the very lightweight synthetic that keeps you all dry by wicking away your sweat.

They also have an anti-odor technology which will prevent odor-causing microbes to breed/spread. Which means to the fact that there would be no more odor.

If you are one of those who suffer from occasional chafe between your legs, you can leave it all on these boxers.

They have been designed with a chafe-free flatlock seam construction. All it means is that it will not rub against your skin and cause chafing.

ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer


This boxer brief is a combination of comfort, affordable price, and tech. They will be perfect for you to prevent jock itch and feel light all day long. They do a great job of keeping your groin cool, moisture free and dry all the time. Apart from this, it is also odor resistant. This means that your groin area will be fresh, comfy and odor free.

Which boxer briefs do you prefer to cure Jock Itch?