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What Is The Best Underwear for Jock Itch

As discussed earlier, Jock itch is a contagious disease that can spread from one person to another via physical contact.

Jock itch is a type of fungal infection that grows in the regions like groin, thighs and similar areas.

The fungi can grow and develop easily in warm and moist areas of the body.

Once a person gets jock itch fungi, it can easily spread  from one person to another.

Jock itch most commonly occurs in athletes and people who work out due to excess sweat and moisture in the groin areas.

The most common reason for spreading jock itch fungi is sharing clothes, towels, underwears and other workout clothes.

Some common symptoms of Jock itch include rashes, flaky skin, itching,

Some common symptoms of Jock itch include rashes, flaky skin, itching, redness, and blisters.

It is very important to cure jock itch because it can further lead to many other health problems.

There is no need to panic if you have got jock itch. More than 40% of the males who work out tend to get jock itch infection once in their lifetime.

There are many home-made remedies as well as soaps, creams, and sprays to cure jock itch.

The best approach is to try home remedies for 2-3 weeks and if it does not cure the infection then consult a doctor or use the prescribed creams.

There are many homemade remedies you can use to cure jock itch without using any medicines or creams.

One of the remedies is to wear appropriate clothes, more importantly underwears.

We often get questions about which underwear to choose from that will help in the case of Jock itch.

We will answer this question as which underwears work best for Jock Itch.

When it comes to the clothing part in general, always wear loose clothes that help the skin to breathe properly.


Before buying your underwear take the following points into consideration if you suffer from Jock Itch:

  • Buy lose underwear’s

Tight underwears do not let the skin breathe properly and this is where the Jock itch infection will grow the most.

If you wear tight fitted underwear, it will create a dark and favorable condition for the infection to grow. Hence next time when you go for buying the underwear, always buy a bit loose underwears.


  • Try to Buy Cotton Underwear

Cotton underwears have natural fibers that breathe better than synthetic underwear thus creating an unfavorable condition for Jock itch infection.

Hence try to wear cotton underwears rather than synthetic.


Best Underwear For Jock Itch


Hanes Comfortsoft Boxer Briefs


best underwear for jock itch


Hanes briefs are made from 100% cotton which is soft as well as comfortable.

Since these briefs are made from 100% cotton, they are considered as one of the best underwears for Jock itch.


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Men’s UA HeatGear Performance Boxerjock


best underwear for jock itch


These boxers are soft, fast drying and odor killing as well as comfortable.

Its anti-odor technology helps prevent the growth of bad odor-causing microbes.

It is lightweight and smooth for superior performance.

These boxers will allow the skin to be dry and cool thus helping in creating a troublesome condition for the Jock itch fungus.


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Adidas Men’s Sports Performance Climalite Boxer Brief

best underwear for tinea cruris

These briefs are made from 91% polyester and have the ultimate moisture-wicking fabric to keep the skin dry and comfortable.

Its anti-microbial properties will make sure that it doesn’t allow any odor causing microbe to grow.

Its breathable fabric allows sweat to evaporate thus keeping the under skin cool.

It can also be used for people who work out as it is specially designed to keep the skin cool and dry.

This brief is an appropriate killer of Jock itch fungus.


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Hence, it is up to you which underwear suits you the best.

Always consider the above-mentioned points before you buy an underwear if you are suffering from Jock itch.


So, what are your views on the best underwear for Jock Itch?