Can Jock Itch Spread Sexually?
Symptoms And Signs

Can Jock Itch Spread Sexually?

There are several things out there that can give you reasons to worry when it comes to the genital parts.

Among such things, jock itch is found to be one of the most commonly discussed problems on online forums today.

It’s simply because several men, as well as women, are falling prey to this infection. For people, who are not aware that jock itch can occur in females as well, know it here.

Yes, jock itch can occur in females too. Having said this, we can several men posting their concerns on online forums as to whether jock itch can spread sexually?

Well, there is no surprise that you got this question on your mind because sexual intercourse is an important part of life that determines your intimacy with your partner and if you have problems with it, it will naturally turn to be a reason of concern for all.

In the following article, let’s try to understand what jock itch is all about and will try to find out the answer to the question: “Can Jock Itch Spread Sexually?”

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Jock Itch – What is it?


Before digging deep into the question, let’s try to understand what jock itch is.

Basically, it’s a fungal infection and is scientifically called “tinea cruris”. Most often, it is the result of staying in sweaty clothes for a longer duration.

As many of you might be aware, fungus tends to thrive well in damp, warmer places with some light.

And frequently, your groin would have all these favorable conditions for the fungus to grow.

Technically speaking, jock itch is a kind of ringworm infection that occurs in the groin and thigh areas.


Jock Itch – Who gets affected?


Most often, this infection can be seen in athletes as they tend to wear sweat-soaked clothing for too long.

However, it doesn’t mean that non-athletes would not get this infection. Literally, jock itch can occur in anyone. Y

ou will be considered as at risk for getting jock itch if you use tight, sweat-causing clothing that does not allow the moisture content to dry out quickly.

In addition, you will also be considered as at risk of getting jock itch if you are obese because the sweat you produce will find it difficult to get vaporized from your skin folds.


Jock Itch – What are its symptoms?


The symptoms of jock itch are:

  • Redness
  • Reddish-brown rashes
  • Itching
  • Peeling of skin
  • Flaking
  • Changed skin color
  • Burning sensation


Is jock itch a sexually-transmitted disease?


Several people out there have a doubt on whether jock itch is a sexually-transmitted disease (STD).

For this, the direct and precise answer would be jock itch is not an STD. Yes, it’s not an infection that can be passed on to the sexual partner through genitals.

In fact, if you are dealing with a jock itch infection, you can see that your testicles or your genitals are not affected.

But, all this doesn’t mean you need not worry about having jock itch and spreading it to your partner during a sexual intercourse.

Yes, it should be a point of concern to have a jock itch infection when you want to have sex with your partner.

This is simply because jock itch is sometimes contagious, which means, it can pass from one person to another during direct contacts.

So, when you are having a sexual intercourse, you will come into the direct skin to skin contact with your partner, which means that there is a great chance of your infection getting passed on to your partner.

So, the best way to go about this matter is to take the necessary steps to prevent the infection from spreading to your sexual partner.


In what other ways a jock itch can spread to others?

The above-mentioned information would have raised another question in your mind whether the infection can spread to your partner during normal skin contacts.

Well, you need not worry about spreading the infection during normal touches, because jock itch would not spread through contacts like high fives or so.

The fungus will affect the other person only when your infected area comes into direct contact with the region of similar moisture and dark conditions.

Also, the fungus has to remain in the moist and dark for longer so as to start thriving there.

For instance, the other person will get your jock itch infection if he/she wears your unclean clothing (let’s assume you have the infection).


Do wearing condoms prevent the transmission?


In case of sexually-transmitted diseases, the use of condoms during the sexual intercourse will help keep the infection from spreading to your partner.

But, do you think the same is possible with your jock itch? Remember, jock itch will tend to spread more easily during sex, be it vaginal or anal because two people’s groins get too close during an intercourse.

And, wearing a condom will not help prevent the jock itch transmission.

It’s to be noted that even hand jobs will pose a great risk of jock itch transmission if your partner wants to touch his/her own genitals after that.

So, the best course of action will be to get your jock itch treated and get better before having a sex, vaginal, oral, or anal.


What are the precautionary measures to be taken?


The risk of jock itch spreading during a sexual intercourse is often taken to be low or moderate.

However, a risk is a risk however small it may be. So, you must talk to your partner about the issue so that he/she can make an informed decision about how he/she wants to adjust during the sexual intercourse.

The fungus can harbor in the sheets and towels that you use until it’s completely cleared.

So, it’s always good not to share your bath towels or clothes with your partner until the infection goes off.

Also, you must avoid sleeping naked with your partner in the bed to prevent transmitting your infection to him/her.

Finally, we would like to inform you that jock itch is highly curable and there are lots of products available in the market today to help you out.


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