Female Jock Itch – Get Rid Of It Right Now!

Females can get jock itch too, yeah it’s right!

Jock Itch is an infection in the groin area that can occur in both females and males but it is more common in males.

It is generally caused due to wearing tight clothing and the excessive bacterial growth which leads to Jock Itch.

Jock Itch is also known as tinea cruris.

It leads to red rash in the groin area and the inner thighs which leads to itching and some pain.

Jock itch is highly common in athletes in which the sweat gets trapped by the skin that allows fungus to grow and ultimately causes Jock Itch.

Besides this, there are many other causes that lead to jock itch :-

  • Jock Itch is also caused by sharing towels which spreads the infection.
  • Athletes foot is similar to jock itch but not the same. When infection from foot spreads to the groin area, it causes Jock Itch.
  • Sharing same lockers can also be reason for the spreading of the infection


If you have Jock Itch , it doesn’t mean that you have shared towels or it is caused to wearing tight clothing, it’s just the spreading of the fungus infection which grows in warm moist areas even on floors which can lead to a Jock Itch infection in your groin area.


But how do you know, you have Jock Itch?

Are you sure you have Jock Itch…

Check out the following symptoms of Jock Itch and confirm before taking any medication for Jock Itch

Here are some symptoms of Jock Itch that you should know:-

  • Red rash causing itching and pain
  • Rash is in the groin area with red-brown colour in the centre
  • Ringworm infection with a circular rash
  • Might lead to a hair loss in females in that affected area and cause redness and irritation too.
  • A fishy smell from the infection


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How To Get Rid Of Female Jock Itch


Incase of women, the fungal infection spreads to the vaginal area of the women near the inner thighs mainly in the groin area.

Jock Itch is mostly common in men but it can attack women too as there is no definite cause of Jock Itch and it can occur through various reasons that you don’t even know yet.

So, you should just identify the most basic causes of the occurrence of Jock Itch and take proper medications to get rid of Jock Itch fast.

As told earlier, Jock Itch occurs due to sweating which gets trapped in the skin and allows the fungus to grow.

So, you should maintain a clean hygiene and bathe two times a day to prevent the fungus to grow.

Female Jock Itch also occurs due to wearing tight fitting clothes which boosts the chances of the fungus to grow.

Incase, you have you have Jock Itch, you should wear loose fitting clothes or try to sleep naked at night as it will relieve from itching and burning in that area.

Women should wear cotton underwears with loose fitting to get some relief from the itch and burns. Women who are obese are more likely to have Jock Itch as the fungus gets more moist space to grow and cause Jock Itch.

Here are some cures to female jock itch that will help in cure Jock Itch in women fast. However, these measures apply to both men and women but mainly it will be beneficial to women with vaginal Jock Itch.


Female Jock Itch Cure – 5 Tips To Get Rid Of It Fast

Maintain a clean hygiene

The most important measure to cure female Jock Itch that you need to take care of. After the workout, take a proper bath or just wash the affected area with an antifungal soap.

But remember to keep the area dry by using a clean towel. Or you can also use a blower instead.


Wear Loose Fitting Undergarments

Avoid wearing tight fitting garments as it will lead to moisture and cause itching and burns in the groin area.

Keep the area dry and ventilated by wearing loose fitting garments and cotton undergarments are highly recommendable as cotton absorbs moisture fast. Here are some recommended underwears for Jock Itch that might help!


Use medications

Jock Itch cures by its own and really takes a lot of time. Using cream or Jock Itch Powder Spray can help cure Jock Itch fast.

What you need to do is to clean the affected area using antifungal soap and clean water and let it dry.

Apply Jock Itch cream and let the air to pass. It will really help to cure Jock Itch and relief burning.

Recommended Creams For Jock Itch : 

If your Jock Itch gets severe, you should consult a doctor right away!


Don’t Share Any Personal Materials 

Never ever share personal things as Jock Itch is easily spreadable i.e (Contagious) and can easily spread to the other parts of the body.

Even sharing lockers can lead to the bacterial infection.

Keep your surroundings clean


Jock itch can also be caused through Athlete’s foot.

Their symptoms are similar but they are two different infections.If you are having athlete’s foot, you should take care of that and get rid of it using proper medications otherwise the  infection could also spread to your groin area and lead to Jock Itch and severe itching and pain.



Jock Itch is contagious and can easily spread to other parts of the body. So, you must follow the above measures to cure Jock Itch. Women who are having Jock Itch as a vaginal infection are advised not have sexual intercourse until Jock Itch has been cured. Jock Itch can be easily transmitted to your partner sexually.

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