Jock Itch is a fungal infection which leads to a lot of itching.

Jock Itch is caused due to bacteria Dermatophytes which multiply very quickly and can make your Jock Itch more severe.

It is pinkish reddish rash surrounded by Jock Itch blisters and a flaky skin.

There is no overnight cure for Jock Itch and even you can easily cure Jock Itch without any medication.

Jock Itch takes times and cures itself in few weeks time.

But to cure Jock Itch fast and quickly, I would suggest you to follow the below-given tips.

Here, you’re going to learn the most common cures to get rid of Jock Itch in Anus.


Cure Jock Itch In Anus


1. Use An Anti-Fungal Soap


Jock Itch soaps have antibacterial and antifungal properties which help you to cure Tinea Cruris fast and quickly.

Some Antifungal soaps contain Pyrithone Zinc which helps in healing your Jock Itch quickly while some antifungal soap are made with essential oils which are necessary to crusade Jock Itch such as Tea Tree oil, Macadamia Oil, Argan Oil etc.

Antifungal soap help you get rid of the bacteria which stay in your skin folds and multiply and lead to severe Jock Itch. Defense Soap is the most popular soap for Jock Itch which contains Tea Tree oil and Eucalyptus oil has antimicrobial properties which helps to kill the bacteria as well keep your skin healthy.


2. Keep The Affected Area Dry


Uh oh, you’re so busy at office, so, how you’ll make time to keep your affected area dry and 100% free of moisture. It’s not possible, isn’t it?

So, what you can do is, when you bathe every morning, wait for some time before putting on your Undergarments and let the affected area dry completely.

Or you can also try these Jock Itch Underwears which let the air to pass through and keep the area ventilated.

Once, the area is dried, apply Jock Itch powder which will help you keep the area moisture free for a longer period of time.

When you come home, repeat the same process and hopefully, you’ll heal Jock Itch fast.


3. Wear Loose Fitting Clothes To Avoid Friction


As told earlier, Jock Itch is caused due to excess sweating which lets the bacteria to get trapped in your skin folds which form an infection and causes Jock Itch a.k.a Tinea Cruris.

Now, for this you need to keep the area ventilated by not wearing tight fitting clothes which cause friction.

So, it’s advisable to wear loose undergarments such as boxers which helps to keep the area ventilated and prevent friction.


4. Don’t Scratch


Argghhh.. Again I want to scratch.

I know that feeling. It really kills.

But, you really need to avoid that. If you can’t cut your finger nails or use gloves when you feel the itch.

If you won’t, the condition of your Jock Itch would become more severe.

Before sleeping, you can have a salt bath or apply baking soda.


5. Is your Jock Itch Severe? Contact the doctor


If your Jock Itch is severe, I would advise you to consult a doctor immediately.

These remedies and medications work at the earlier stage of Jock Itch.

But if these medication doesn’t suit you get burning sensations, you need to consult a doctor.

So, what are your views on How To cure Jock Itch In Anus?