What Does Jock Itch Looks Like?

What Does Jock Itch Looks Like?

Jock Itch is also known as Tinea Cruris is a fungal infection in the groin area mainly caused by moisture which gets trapped in the skin folds.

The bacteria multiply at a very fast rate and leads the infection to spread quickly.

That’s why it is said that if a person has athletes’ foot then he should cure it fast to prevent Jock Itch.

What is the difference between Jock itch and athlete’s foot?

To prevent Jock Itch, it is necessary to keep the moisture prone areas, dry!


But, do you know how does Jock Itch rash looks like? Below are some Jock Itch Pictures  :


What Does Jock Itch Look Like?




What Does Jock Itch In Women Look Like?




Now, you got a pretty clue about what does Jock Itch actually looks like! isn’t it?


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