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As I told in one of my posts, that Jock Itch itch occurs due to the moisture present in groin area. I also gave some tips to prevent that, like wearing loose underwears and sleeping naked at night.


But you can’t do this whole day, isn’t it?


How can a person wear shots at office, your boss will kill you. LOL.


So today, I am going to review Fresh balls lotion which keeps the groin area dry by its anti-fungal components and helps you get rid of those feelings of being sweaty and sticky and chafing in the groin area which is the problem for most of the men.


Fresh Balls is very easy to apply and dries quickly so you need not worry about stains on your pants.


Do you ever knew that oatmeal works as anti-irritant? Yes, it does and fresh balls have that as an anti-irritant. 

Let’s learn more about Fresh Balls Lotion

Fresh balls lotion is not a powder and doesn’t contain talc, Paraben or aluminium. Fresh balls is natural medication to keep your groin area fresh and dry.


It prevents moisture to get accumulated in your groin area and also prevents bacterial growth. It’s applies very smoothly and has driven a number of positive reviews on Amazon.


Generally, some Jock Itch medications stinks and makes you feel uncomfortable at office or anywhere else. But, fresh balls solution has an awesome scent which also let you not to think about your Jock Itch during work. As I said, it dries up quickly, so it is easy to remove also. Just wash it and it will be rinsed off.


Where can I buy Fresh Balls lotion?


Fresh balls solution for men is not easily available on medical stores. If you order through the official website, you need to pay a high delivery charge while if you order on Amazon, delivery will not be much high.


So, best place to buy Fresh Balls is Amazon. 


And yes, it’s completely worth the money.

How To Use Fresh Balls solution?

However, you will get the directions on the pack, but still I would also like to share it here.

Step 1. Twist the cap and remove the seal. (Be careful that it doesn’t spill out suddenly).

Step 2. Squeeze the desired quantity to your fingers and apply to the affected area and let it dry.

It can be applied on a daily routine even if your Jock Itch is cured. 


My Views On Fresh Balls lotion for men


Fresh balls solution is an effective lotion for Jock Itch. I can understand what a man feels being sticky and sweaty in the groin area.


It makes us uncomfortable..Arghhh!


Fresh balls helps you get rid of burning and itching and delivers a cooling effect instantly.


As you apply the lotion, it will dry up and won’t leave any stain on your pant. Finally, I have came over the best solution to get rid of itch on balls.


I want you to apply this  lotion after the shower but make sure you let the water dry before applying this lotion. Besides that, you should wear loose fitting clothes.


Obviously, you can’t wear shots at your office but still you can wear loose underwears. You can check out these underwears for Jock Itch.


So, what are your views on Fresh balls solution for Jock Itch?


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