It wakes you up at night and makes you feel uncomfortable all day. Sometimes Jock Itch smells too. Am I right?

Jock Itch Treatment

best treatment and home remedies for jock itch

Before I get started with Jock Itch Treatment, are you sure that you have Jock Itch?

Do you know the symptoms of Jock Itch?

So, Let’s discuss, what causes Jock Itch, its symptoms and then we’ll get started with Jock Itch Treatment.


What Causes Jock Itch?


Jock Itch is caused by the moisture in the groin folds that leads to overbacterial growth and the fungus grows which causes a red rash and itching.

Wearing tight fitting clothes and undergarments can lead to the growth of the bacteria in the groin area and hence causes Jock Itch.

Jock Itch mainly occurs in males but it occurs in women too. People with a high level of workout and sweating are more prone to Jock Itch.

Other factors may include heat, diabetes, obese etc. that might also be the reason for Jock Itch.

If you use public showers or lockers, it might be a cause for Jock Itch.


Symptoms Of Jock Itch


Arghhhhhhh… I know… you’re frustrated from that itching and pain.

But before getting started with the treatment of Jock Itch, you should know the symptoms of Jock Itch.

Here are few :

  • Itching and pain
  • A red rash
  • Bad Odor
  • Center of the rash is of red-brown color
  • The border of the rash is a line with the blister
  • Flaky skin


Jock Itch Treatment

Now, you have had a good idea about what is Jock Itch, its causes, and symptoms.

Let’s get started with Jock Itch treatment.

Here, we’re going to give some tips to cure Jock Itch fast using some medications.

Jock Itch generally cures itself by its own but it’s better to use medications to prevent further bacterial growth.

If your Jock Itch doesn’t improve within 1-2 weeks, then it’s severe and you need to consult a doctor but hopefully, it would be cured easily if you follow this complete guide.


1. Wash the affected area using an antifungal soap and apply Jock Itch Cream


This is the best and safest way to cure Jock Itch fast.

What you need to do is to wash the affected groin area using an antifungal soap and wipe the area so that it soaks the moisture or you can also use a hair blower instead.

Once, you washed, use an antifungal cream for Jock Itch like Lamisil and keep the area ventilated.

Wear loose-fitting undergarments so that the air can pass and help cure it fast. Sleep naked at night if you can.


2. Keep the affected area clean and dry

Make sure you bathe after your workout and don’t sweat accumulated in the fold as it could lead to bacterial growth and can make your Jock Itch worse.

After you bathe, wear boxers or loose fitting clothes to keep the groin area ventilated.


3. Cure Athletes Foot First in-case you have!

Do you know… Athletes foot and Jock Itch are two different infections and athletes foot can lead to Jock Itch too.

The infection from the foot transfers to your groin area and causes a red rash which leads to itching and pain and finally tinea cruris.

Check out this article to learn more about Athlete’s foot and its cure.


4. Don’t scratch 

As told earlier Jock Itch leads to a flaky skin near the groin area and if you further scratch that area, it will make the condition worse… Right?

That shit makes you do so… It’s not your fault!

Wash the affected area with clean water, dry it using a hair blower and apply a little baking soda.

You’ll feel relaxed. But what to do if you’re in a public place?

You can’t do anything there… Just make sure that your nails are well trimmed and you’re wearing loose fitting undergarments.


5.  Try some home Remedies 

Home remedies work out very well when Jock Itch is not severe but if it’s severe, it won’t go away easily!

Listerine has many anti-bacterial functions that can help you cure Jock Itch fast.

What you need to do is, get a tissue of a cotton ball and dip it into Listerine and apply smoothly to the vulnerable area.

If your Jock Itch is too much severe, then don’t use Listerine, it might hurt a lot. Try some other home remedies in such case.

Ahaan… Tea tree oil, the best Jock Itch Crusader that is considered to be an effective home remedy to cure Jock Itch.

Its superb and fast acting antifungal and antibacterial properties help in crusading Jock Itch quickly.

If your Jock Itch is severe then it’s is recommended to mix 4-5 drops of Tea tree oil with Oil ( Coconut ) and then apply to avoid unbearable burning pain otherwise you can apply directly using a soft tissue.

Repeat this 2-3 times a day and hope to see improvement in few weeks or days.


Some Common Jock Itch Treatments that you should know :

  • Avoid wearing clothes that rub the affected groin area.
  • Maintain good hygiene practices and keep the area clean.
  • Never share public lockers or towels with anyone.
  • Keep your surroundings clean and make sure you’re not walking barefooted
  • Wear cotton underwears to absorb excess moisture and prevent fungus to grow.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar and bleach can also be effective cures for Jock Itch.
  • Apply Vaseline petroleum jelly and sleep naked at night
  • Use mint toothpaste if it’s really irritating you at night



The above ways are the most basic Jock Itch treatment available easily which can help you cure Jock Itch in few days or weeks but if your Jock Itch is getting too much severe, then you need to consult a doctor.

What Jock Itch Treatment are your following to get rid of it quickly?