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Does Shaving Help Jock Itch?

So, the question is on your mind as well “Does Shaving Help Jock Itch”

Well, there seems to be a ton of confusion around this topic. A lot of people are wondering around the internet. Like everything, there are a ton of people who advocate for both sides of this argument. Some people say that it does help you in getting relief from the itch, while the other group tells that it would possibly make the condition worst.

I stand with the second group and I’ve got reasons for it.

In this blog post, I’ll talk about why shaving won’t help in Jock itch

does shaving help jock itch?

Before starting that, let’s take a look at some arguments which are made in favor of shaving.

Here, Sheryl,” says that it will help in decreasing fungal infections. However, think about this, when you shave and make your groin clean, it will increase fungal infections. Jock itch is a fungal problem, making the area open provides fungus easy way to spread to other parts of your body, like finger gaps and much more making your body prone to fungal infections.

So, it doesn’t help you in fighting fungal infections. It will for sure provide you comfort.

Here, “H90” says that cutting hair in reducing the smell. In my opinion, it will not help in sweating, however, you get some points for smelling a thing. But that you can also get with wearing a perfume on your body.

Now, let’s talk about why it is not helpful in case of jock itches.

This answer from the Yahoo answers pretty much explains why you should not be shaving when you have a jock itch.

I agree shaving doesn’t in any way increase the effectiveness of whatever antifungal that you might be using. But on the counter end, it can irritate your groin area to an even greater extent. In such cases, you should continue with the cream that you are using.

One interesting fact that he’s told that If you have jock itch, you should be putting socks before you put underpants after you shower. Through this, you can stop fungus to spread from infected area to other possible areas.


As you can see, in no way does shaving will relieve you from jock itch. All it will do is make your body more prone to further fungal infections. So, you should be continuing with the anti-fungal cream instead of getting clean.