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What Is Jock Itch And How To Get Rid Of It!

Jock itch is a red and pink rash formed near the groin area. This is usually intense in nature and can start from groin folds.

This is commonly seen in men as skin structure of the male genital area.


This is principally seen in the groin and extends towards inner thighs. In case of female genitals, it can spread up to vaginal opening and anus.

There are cases where Jock Itch may not need any treatment and may self-cure itself spontaneously.

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Jock Itch is found ordinarily in diabetic and obesity cases. Middle-aged and adults are usually affected with Jock Itch.

Possible causes of Jock Itch consist of fungal infection, excess moisture, irritation due to tight underwear, sweating, friction due to skin rubbing etc.

Anti-fungal pills are prescribed only in case of severe infection.

Any other case of Jock Itch apart from fungal infection needs the extra hygienic care of groin and near area.

One affected with Jock Itch need to keep groin dry and clean. Cleaning the area with anti-fungal soap gently 3-4 times a day can prove to great remedy. Here, you will get to know the quick way to get rid of Jock Itch fast. So, keep following.

Factors affecting Jock Itch are sweating, humidity, heat, moisture, tight undergarments and exercise.

Jock Itch can also lead to other fungal infection in the body like athlete foot, where foot gets affected with fungal infection.


Symptoms of Jock Itch

  1. Intermittent itching
  2. Red and pink rashes
  3. Rough and dry pus bumps
  4. Spreads outwards
  5. Yeast infection
  6. White discharge from Vagina (women)
  7. Infected penis head (men)
  8. Breaks in the skin (severe infection)

Jock Itch is limited to groin area and genitals.

Any other fungal infection found in other body parts can be some other infection caused due to lower immunity levels.


Diagnosis of Jock Itch

Jock Itch is basically diagnosed with the help of skin reaction and symptoms listed above.

Usually, a small piece of skin is taken using numbing medicine by the doctor, tissue examination is carried out on the small piece of skin to confirm if a person is affected to Jock Itch.

This is usually done in case of severe infection and tests include analysis under a microscope only.

This type of skin test is known as a skin biopsy.

Skin Biopsy helps to identify symptoms of other infection apart from Jock Itch.

Skin Culture can also be done to identify other infectious disease.

Skin Culture is a Lab test and takes time. This also can determine the cause of infections.

In case of higher standards of infection doctors also advise for bacteria culture wherein proper diagnosis is based on the type of bacterial infection.

This helps to find the cause of severe infection. Special ultraviolet ray microscopes are used for bacterial Culture.


Other infection that shows common Jock Itch symptoms

  1. Impetigo
  2. Irritant
  3. Ringworm
  4. Heat rash
  5. Inverse psoriasis
  6. Intertrigo


All above-listed infections have some or all common symptoms of Jock Itch.

Commonly red rashes are found in all.


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How To Get Rid Of Jock Itch?

Cure and Contagiousness of Jock Itch

Jock Itch can be easily cured and has over 99% of success rate.

A few cases can be long-standing due to other immunity problem in the body such as diabetes and obesity.

Proper medication and treatment can effortlessly control severe cases as well.


Things to avoid during treatment

  1. Skin contact
  2. Sexual intercourse
  3. Towel or swimwear sharing.
  4. Any kind of cloth contact


Although Jock Itch is not contagious, it can travel through skin or cloth contact.

People with bad health habits and unhealthy immune system are more prone to Jock Itch.

A proper healthy diet and skin care can keep a person away from Jock Itch for life.

Healthy habits like a single towel, no cloth sharing, daily bath with anti-fungal soap and good immune history can also help one to avoid Jock Itch.


Treatment of Jock Itch

Fungal infections and moisture are the primary causes of Jock-Itch.

Treatment of Jock-Itch has a high level of dependence on its cause.

Jock Itch caused due to skin Irritation or moisture can be cured just by keeping the affected area clean and dry.

Use of zinc-oxide ointments is also advisable depending on the condition of the infection.

In case of fungal infections, anti-fungal cream should be used on dry skin for a period of three to four weeks.

Use of cream has to be continuous else this may fail to eradicate complete fungus and bacteria.

There is no uniform therapy that needs to be followed in such cases. The procedure of diagnosis and medication from case to case.


Home remedies for Jock Itch

  1. Proper wash and clean the infected skin 3-4 times a day.
  2. Keeping the infected skin dry is equally important.
  3. Avoid Skin Irritation.
  4. Wear pure cotton garments to avoid sticking of skin.
  5. Avoid tough laundry detergents like bleach and fabric softeners.
  6. Apply Zinc oxide ointment 3-4 times a day.


Some other home remedies include Appling the affected area with some dilute white vinegar.

This can be done using a soft cloth and dilute the white vinegar with four parts of water.

This is a quick drying agent and leads to keep the affected moisture free. Same dilute vinegar can be used to bath.

This will eradicate any signs of infection in other sections of the entire body.

Anti-fungal shampoo can also be used to treat Jock Itch.

Use of antifungal cream on the dry affected area is also advisable.

Anti-fungal pills are also available but this should only be consumed only after consulting a doctor.

Anti-bacterial soaps can also be used to clean the infected area in case of severe bacterial infection.

Doctors usually prescribe 5-12 days course of medicines and cleaning instruction in case of Jock Itch Infection depending on the severity of the infection.

Best drug to cure Jock Itch is a good antifungal and anti-bacterial creams that help to keep the skin dry and clean.

Improper hygiene leads to Jock Itch.

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